PsyToolkit is free-to-use. It costs effort and money to run the PsyToolkit website and software, and that is why user-support is needed.

There are various ways to support PsyToolkit, including simply liking it on Facebook or making a donation (no matter how small).


Donations help PsyToolkit. For example, PsyToolkit runs on a professional server in a data center, and this costs money.

If you would like to make a general donation to support PsyToolkit, please do so via the PsyToolkit paypal account. If you are a student, a small donation is perfectly fine (for example £15 if you are in the UK; that is roughly equivalent to the price of only 4 coffees).

Click the PayPal button below to set up the donation.

PayPal is an easy way and secure way to pay (that is why PsyToolkit uses PayPal). You do not need to have a PayPal account. Using the PayPal website, you can just use your bank or credit card to pay securily from any country.


You can also support PsyToolkit via the following means:

Thank you

Thank you for supporting PsyToolkit!