PsyToolkit is developed by and belongs to Professor Gijsbert Stoet. Anyone can use PsyToolkit for non-commercial research and non-commercial educational projects, as long as Professor Gijsbert Stoet and PsyToolkit are acknowledged in any resulting publication.

The copyright of all PsyToolkit material (see exceptions in next point) belongs to Professor Gijsbert Stoet. The PsyToolkit code and lessons can be used freely for non-commercial educational and research purposes, as long as Professor Gijsbert Stoet is acknowledged. For commercial use, for example in text books, you need to ask formally for permission. When in doubt, you should contact Professor Gijsbert Stoet as well.
The survey library contain surveys developed by others. Each survey entry has a description about copyright, which applies. The experiment library contains experiments which have been developed by others, and the copyright belongs to them — details about copyright, if it applies, can be found in the references.
There are various PsyToolkit implementations of questionnaire scales on this website. For each scale, the PsyToolkit developer has done his best to find out if researchers and students can use the test. You can find such information for each questionnaire under the legal notes. If you are aware of a mistake, please report it. The copyright of those scales typically belongs to the authors who created them (but for each scale, you need to check the legal notes). You always need to acknowledge those who have designed the questionnaires by citing their work.
Any copyright violations or misuse of PsyToolkit will be reported to the relevant authorities. Anyone who uploads illegal material on the website will be reported to the relevant authorities.
Reprint/use of images from this webpage for publication in journals or books is not allowed, unless arranged against a fee with Professor Gijsbert Stoet.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the copyright, please send me an email (psytoolkit@gmail.com).

I regularly get requests for originals of questionnaires or papers I mention on the web page. You can find the originals via the links or references that I provide for each questionnaire; in other words, you can get the original via the internet or your library. I do not send them via email and I will not answer those email requests for original papers/questionnaires, because I get too many, sorry! The only papers I can send you are those authored by myself, for example about PsyToolkit.