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Self as Anchor in Judgements of Height and Weight

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For IRB questions, contact IRB Chair Dr. Michael Roy at 717-361-1331.

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Title of Research: Self as Anchor in Judgements of Height and Weight

Principle Investigator: Ryan Ramler

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Roy (

Purpose of Study: The purpose of this study is to examine how people make judgments of height and weight.

Procedures: I will be looking at a picture of a person and answer questions about the picture.

Risk and Discomforts: I understand that no risks or discomforts are anticipated from my participation in this study.

Benefits: I will receive no benefits from being in this study.

Compensation: I understand that I will not receive any compensation for participating in this study.

Confidentiality: The information gathered during this study will remain confidential with all records to be kept private and locked in a file during the study. Only the researchers listed on this form will have access to the study data and information. The results of the research will be published in the form of an undergraduate paper and may be published in a professional journal or presented at professional meetings. In any report or publication, the researcher will not provide any information that would make it possible to identify me.

Withdraw Without Prejudice: My participation in this study is strictly voluntary; refusal to participate will involve no penalty. If I initially decide to participate, I am still free to withdraw at any time.

Contacts and Questions: This study was approved by the Elizabethtown College IRB. If I have any questions concerning the research project, I may contact the IRB chair and research supervisor, Dr. Michael Roy, at or 717-361-1331. Should I have any questions about my participant rights involved in this research I may contact Dr. Susan Mapp, Elizabethtown College Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation, at or 717-361-3776.

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