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The purpose of this research study is to learn about some of the reasons people use social media, and use the internet. The researcher, Liz Kyonka, is a professor at California State University East Bay.


If you agree to participate in this research study, you will:

The total time commitment will be approximately half an hour.


There is a risk of loss of privacy. However, no names or identities will be used in any published reports of the research. Only the researchers will have access to the research data.

Because you will be looking at your screen, the risks involved in participating in this study are the same what you might experience working at a computer for half an hour to an hour (e.g., mild eye strain, backache). This survey must be completed in one sitting, but you can stretch, move, or look away from the screen to rest your eyes at any time. Participation is voluntary, and you may discontinue at any time.

The survey asks about your internet use and potential addiction, which could be stressful or upsetting some participants. If you are concerned about your internet use, social media use, or internet gaming, you can call the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Helpline at 1-800-622-HELP (4357), or visit their webpage for more information.


The research data will be kept in a secure, password-protected file, and only the researchers will have access to the data.  At the conclusion of the study, all identifying information will be removed.


Your participation in this study may provide some insight about why you use the internet the way you do.


There will be no cost to you for participating in this research.


Participants can enter for a chance to win $20 for completing the survey. You must provide a valid, working email address to receive payment. Funds will be credited to your University account or distributed as a gift card. California State University East Bay employees are not eligible.



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Information about this study:

If you have any further questions about the study, you may contact the researcher by email at or phone at (510) 885-3484.

Questions about your rights as a study participant, or comments or complaints about the study, may also be addressed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at (510) 885-4212 or

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PARTICIPATION IN THIS RESEARCH IS VOLUNTARY.  You are free to decline to participate in this research study, or to withdraw your participation at any point, without penalty.  Your decision whether or not to participate in this research study will have no influence on your present or future status at California State University East Bay.

Please confirm that you want to participate in this survey. Your information (including computer IP) will be stored and might be used for research.

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When you start, this survey will store your answers, your internet address, and browser information on the PsyToolkit server.The responsibility for this survey rests entirely with the researcher(s) listed above. Click here if you do not want to participate now.